Japanese Food and Beverage market. Our POS data provides rich insight into the product sales in 130 food categories.

NOTE:Our data covers processed food, confectionery, soft drinks and alcohol, but excludes perishable foods. Please refer to the Product List below for details.

KSP-SP can provide the information
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KSP-SP collects Point of Sales (POS) data from more than 1,000 supermarkets across Japan.
Our data offers comprehensive information on market shares, sales growth rates, and insights into distribution, pricing, inventory turnover, and merchandizing.

The value of POS data

POS data reflects your customers’ attitude and behavior in the stores where they meet your products. Analysis of POS data enables you to understand the Japanese consumer, helping you to capture the selling space and design the shopping experiences that will promote your products and the category. Improving customer satisfaction will increase the perceived reliability of your firm, resulting in higher sales and profits.

POS Data which makes the three parties “Happy”


KSP-SP provides detailed POS data for all the items in a category, updated monthly (or more frequently if required), for 10 areas across Japan. The data includes the following measures:
  • Sales value
  • Average price
  • Year-on-year sales growth rate
  • Sales per store visitor
  • Sales per store
  • Distribution (% of stores selling the product)
  • Item data (date of introduction, sub-category)

Data is provided in Excel spreadsheets (or csv files).

In addition, we provide Category Summary Reports. The reports cover the following topics:
  • Relative market size
  • Seasonality of the category
  • Category growth rate
  • Manufacturers’ share and sales distribution rate
  • Performance of major items (Value share, Purchase Index, Average price, Sales distribution, etc.)

An example of a Category Summary Report is available here.

The full list of categories can be viewed here.


1) Data
  • The monthly data subscription cost is a minimum of ¥200,000 per category**. We require a minimum subscription period of 12 months. In addition there is a set-up fee.
    For more granular data (e.g. weekly or daily sales), please enquire.
  • We also provide a single snapshot of data. The cost for this is a minimum of ¥200,000 for 1 category** plus operation cost.
2) Summary report
  • KSP-SP provides Category Summary Report in English for you to capture over-all market trend of a particular category** in Japan. As for the cost, please enquire as it varies depending on the requirements.

* cost:excluding tax
** category:KSP standard classification

Contact Us

For more information about our services, including category data and the Category Summary Report, please send an e-mail to ksp-econtact@ksp-sp.jp including following information.

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Title
  • Country
  • Industry
  • E-maii address
  • Category that you are interested in

Who we are?

KSP-SP (Knowledge on Sales Promotion Service Provider) Co. LTD. serves manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers with the latest data, know-how and system development on retail stores in Japan.

Our goal is to be your partner for POS data analysis and applications, contributing to your sales expansion and profit increase in Japan. Our unique POS database, ‘KSP-POS’, is the largest database of POS data for food categories in Japan and has been the basis of our services and advice for a wide array of clients for more than 15 years.

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